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our  atmospheric front hall will cater for up to 100 people maximum. the room has wood panelling and a wood dance floor. there is a small built in stage in one corner with the bar at the other end meaning all your guests will not have to leave the main room to purchase a drink. 

the hall also being on the front of the club has easy access to the entrance. We recommend this hall if you are likely to play louder music. 

hall 6.jpg

The main hall will cater for up to 150 guests if hired with the main bar. ​
this hall is a great plain canvas for any occasion with its wood laminate floor magnolia walls and with roof tiles. The main bar is attached to one side of the hall for easy access to drinks for your guests. This hall is regularly used for clubs, weddings and parties.  The only draw back with his hall is the noise must be kept within a reasonable level due to our licence terms.

hall 1.jpg
hall 3.jpg

Two spacious halls both have their own well stocked bar

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